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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Hamilton Hebrew Academy (HHA) and Hamilton Jewish Middle School (HJMS) is dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning environment that welcomes and embraces children and families from diverse Jewish affiliations and backgrounds. We are committed to the development of the whole child by nurturing the unique intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each individual student.

At HHA/HJMS, inquiry, self-expression, and independent thinking are valued as integral components of the learning process. Our school is dedicated to providing the framework for students to explore, extend, and intensify their involvement with Jewish living in an open and understanding atmosphere.

This is achieved by instilling within our students:

  • A love for life-long learning.
  • A passion for Torah and Jewish living.
  • A strong foundation of Jewish knowledge.
  • A deep commitment to the broader Jewish community.
  • Zionist ideals with an appreciation of the historical and religious significance of the Land.
  • The moral and ethical values of Judaism through practical integration.
  • A sense of civic responsibility.
  • A universal outlook of social concern.

We believe that every Jewish child has a right to a Jewish education. Our goal is to create a positive school culture through the fostering of an effective Partnership Triangle consisting of our staff, our students, and our parents.